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Resources for Wizard of Oz

Project Gutenberg: Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Audio Podcasts of Original Oz Books on iTunes

Lit2Go Original Wizard of Oz: Audio and .pdf

Hero's Journey

Wizard of Oz as Hero's Journey Lesson

Hero's Journey Monomyth Joseph Campbell Overview

Hero's Journey ReadWriteThink Interactive for Writing

As Allegory (Parable of Populism) . . . Or Not

Reading Like a Historian Populism Primary Source Lesson: Setting the Context

William Jennings Brian: Cross of Gold Speech


Wizard of Oz: Parable on Populism by Littlefield (1964)

The Fable of the Allegory: Hansen (2002)

What Mankiw says

Parker, David B.  “The Rise and Fall of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz as Parable ofPopulism”

Dreier, Peter. Over the Rainbow. Once Upon A Time, the Wizard of Oz Was A PopulistFable.


Wizard of Oz Lesson: Includes Populism and Political Cartoons

Cleveland Federal Reserve Lesson

EconEdLink Lesson


Movie Clips

Somewhere Over the Rainbow


We're Not in Kansas Anymore . . .

The Ruby Slippers


If I Only Had a Brain


The Tin Man


The Cowardly Lion


I'm Melting


There's No Place Like Home


And More

Educational Guide for K-8

Annotated History of the Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz Political Cartoons

Graham calls Trump the Wizard of Oz