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What Pet Should I Get - Resources

What Pet Should I Get PowerPoint from Yumonomics

Decision Making

Once Upon a Decision: Federal Reserve Interactive

Scholastic Decision-Making Activities

Pet Decision-Making

PACED Decision-Making Model

Original Model Eliciting Activities (MEA) on CPalms

K We Love Pets

1 Arthurs Perfect Pet

2 class pets

3 Pick a Pet

3-4 Picking Pets

5 pick a pet

Informational Texts

What Pet Should You Get? Informational text from A-Z Books Level J

What Pet Should I Get? Informational text pattern book

Pythons Invade the Florida Everglades

Dogs for Defense Eisenhower Foundation K-2

Dogs for Defense Eisenhower Foundation 3-5

WWII Dog Images


K BR Do You See My Pet

K 410L Cats Need Care

K BR Class Pet

I 560L Terrific Toucans

1 310 Many Kinds of Dogs

2 760L Clara and Phillip's Turtle

2 760L Bobby Gets a Doggy

3 560L Should Dogs Work?

4 890L From Pet to Threat

4 430L Kim's Hungry Pet Diary

5 1170L Pet Cemetary Egypt

6 530L Stolen Kitten

6 1020L Furry Friends

6 820L Invasive species

Research for All About Pets

All About Pets


Dogs in Colonial Times

National Archives: Pets

Encyclopedia Brittanica

From Wolf to Woof


Humane Society Lesson Plans

American Humane Lesson Plans

EconEdLink Lesson: What Pet Should I Get?

Pick a Pet Letter

All About My Pet: Frame Story

All About Suess

Book Release Information and Activities

Brain Pop Lessons - Caring for Pets



Washington Post Review

New York Times Review

Lost Seuss Text: What Sport Should You Play?