The Gus A. Stavros Center for Free Enterprise and Economic Education

Resources for K-5

Alexander Who Used to Be Rich: Resources for Elementary Economics and Financial Literacy.

Chocolate Economics: Elementary ideas for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Elementary Resources: These resources are used with many of our Elementary Workshops.

Lemonomics: Lemonade Economics and Apps

Lorax: Resources from The Lorax workshop, including movie clips

Model-Eliciting Activities MEAs. Stavros Center website for Elementary MEA decision-making lessons.

Monster's Inc: Visit Scare-city to learn about scarcity!

Pizza Party Math: A K-5 list of resources that infuse Economic standards into mathematics.

Roller Coaster Workshop: NIE and Busch Gardens Workshop April 16, 2015

Sneakonomics: Economic Decision-Making Infused with STEM Model-Eliciting Activities (MEA)

Sunny Money: K-5 Economics Standards - with resources and lesson ideas.

What Pet Should I Get?: Resources to Use With Pet Decisionomics

What Pet Should I Get MEA: Resources for Model Eliciting Activities

Yumonomics: This is our blog about the economics of yummy stuff for K-5. Check out the Economics Questions (EQ's) to help you infuse economics into all of your content areas!