The Gus A. Stavros Center for Free Enterprise and Economic Education

Resources: Roller Coaster Workshop

Coasters 101: NIE Supplement

Facts on Busch Garden's Coasters

PACED: Decision Making Model



FALCON'S FURY: 1) Article from Busch Gardens Blog, 2) Article from TBT (with Infographic), 3) Blog on Coasters 101, 4) Article from Fox News

MARK ROSE: Video Interview , Newspaper Article TBT



INTERACTIVES: 1) Roller Coaster Simulator, 2) Annenburg Interactives on all rides, 3) PBS Interactive, 4) Discovery: Build a Virtual Coaster, 5) PBS Elementary Roller Coaster Game.

LESSONS WITH MARBLES: 1) Teach Engineering 7-9 Grade Lesson, 2) Science Buddies Science Fair Project Ideas, 4) DIY Culture Lesson, 5) CPalms Foam and Marbles Lessons, 6) Build a Roller Coaster Instructions.

PHYSICS LESSON PLANS: 1) NASA Amusement Park Physics, 2) Teach Engineering High School3) The Physics of Roller Coasters Lab Lessons, 4) Discovery Design a Roller Coaster for 6-8,

VIDEOS: 1) Discovery Video on Roller Coaster Science, 2) PBS Video and Background Essay on Centripetal Force, 3) Teaching Channel Roller Coaster Lesson, 4)How Stuff Works, 5) Science Channel Video; 6) Nat Geo Ultimate Roller Coasters, 7) Popular Mechanics for Kids Video.


Visit the National Roller Coaster Museum for images, history, and archives; PBS History of Roller Coasters, Popular Mechanics for a brief history; The Library of Congress Chronicaling Roller Coasters; and, Ultimate Roller Coaster for all things coaster. Also, visit Florida Memory for Roadside Attractions and Tin Can Tourism.



Economics dealing with theme parks: 1) Economics of Theme Park Admission Increase, 2) Economics of "Queueing" and Theme Parks (The Economist), 3) Costs and Benefits of Building Roller Coasters: combines Economics and Engineering, 4) New Study from Oxford Economics Outlines Impact of Amusement Parks and Attractions Industry In US Economy: Vending Times.

"Roller Coaster Economics" articles from the Economist: 1)Britain's Budget Proposal, 2) All Aboard the McDonalds Rollercoaster, 3) Roller Coaster Economics and Oil Prices-with Graph (Economist)

Economic Ideas from Roller Coaster Tycoon curriculum.



Roller Coaster Data Base, Roller Coaster Statistics Lesson

Articles: 1) Washington Post: Why Roller Coasters Make Us Scream, 2) Psychology Today: Chills and Thrills, 3) Why do Theme Parks Build Roller Coasters (as opposed to cheaper rides)?, 4) Library of Congress: Why Don't I Fall Out of a Roller Coaster When it Goes Upside Down?; 5) Are Roller Coasters Safe?; 6) What US City Needs a Theme Park?



Model Eliciting Activities (MEA): 3rd gr.-Carnival Rides, 4th-Help Me Build a Roller Coaster, 4th-Roller coaster investigations, 5th-Xtreme coasters

Other: 6th-CPalms Foam and Marbles Lessons 7th-Grade includes possible marble run, High School Motion lesson, 7th-Design a Geometry Theme Park.

Assessment:4th-Roller Coaster Rides Assessment Problems



6th grade: Energy Screams; 3rd grade: Are Roller Coasters Safe?; 4th grade: Up to Speed; 4th grade: Amusement Park Motion; 5th grade: 3-2-1- Blast Off



Design a Themepark: 1) Lesson Planet Social Studies Lesson, 2) Scholastic Lesson: Design a Theme Park Based on a Children's Book.