The Gus A. Stavros Center for Free Enterprise and Economic Education


The Stavros Center has a variety of resources in our library that you can check out. In addition, we have created curated sets of resources on a variety of topics:

Resources for K-5

Resources for Middle School

Resources for High School

Financial Literacy Resources


Other Recommended Websites:

Here are some of the top websites where we gather resources for Economic topics:

Council on Economic Education (formerly NCEE) The national network of information and curriculum resources for every aspect of economic literacy includes information for every teacher. The Stavros Center is an affiliate of the Council.

EconEdLink A feature of the Council on Economic Education Over 1200 archived lessons for various grade levels. A new lesson is added each month!

Federal Reserve The Federal Reserve provides pamphlets, DVD’s, and other print materials for use with students in various grade levels.

Florida Council on Economic Education The FCEE provides curriculum materials for Florida teachers. Financial Freedom, a primer on personal finance as well as a number of other curriculum resources and information. They also host the Stock Market Challenge, a simulation designed to provide real world lessons in investing.

Common Sense Economics provides supplementary materials on a variety of economics topics. The website written to accompany the book by the same title covers what people really need to know about economics presented in clear prose.

The PBS Business Desk with Paul Solmon contains current programs on finance and economics featured on the PBS News Hour. There are also lesson plans presented and updated regularly. (Click teacher resources)

Stossel in The Classroom provides access to DVD’s and streaming video designed to stimulate discussion on a variety of topics. Stossel also produces an annual DVD on current topics of interest. foundation produces free and low cost DVD’s and access to current event articles as well as a variety of resources for teachers.

Economics U$A is a slightly dated set of video presentations. However several of the episodes have proven very useful in both history and economics classes.